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Welcome to N.R.E.C. College, Khurja

The famous Seth and education lover Late Sri Rai Bahadur Naththi Mal KCIE & his brother Seth Ram Sahai Mal

founded a primary institution Edward Coronation School on 22nd March 1901 in the memory of coronation of King Edward VII in a beautiful garden of the pottery town of Khurja in western Uttar Pradesh. The school might have crept in to all round progress and success when the Hon’ble Governor of United Province of Agra and Avadh Sir James Latoos established the foundation stone of main building of the school and declared starting of teaching on 14th December 1904. The school again started to build steps of progress when it gained the status of high school in 1905 and the district Collector of Bulandshahr Mr. A. B. Ford and later the Hon’ble Lt Governor of Agra and Avadh Province Sir J. P. Heiwett laid the stone of Govind Hostel on 8th November 1906 and Heiwett Hostel on 22nd February 1909, respectively. The huge and beautiful building of present Arts and Science faculties that are A & B blocks and Physics department were also constructed during 1908 to 1909. Later in 1913, the foundation of Ram Sahai Mal library was celebrated by the hands of another Hon’ble Lt Governor of Agra & Avadh Province Sir James Meston. The man of fame and valour in the foundation of the institution unfortunately left to paradise in 1915 and the then management, in the perennial memory of first founders, added two names and the school was renamed as Naththi Mal Ram Sahai Mal Edward Coronation School.
The school again jumped from Intermediate School in 1923 to Degree College in 1946 and again when gained the status of Post Graduate College in 1950. The college existed in the race of infrastructural innovations and constructed chemistry department in 1951 which had been given foundation by Respected C. B. Gupt who has later been four times Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. The college enormously, again enriched its education status by enhancing LL. B. in 1952, graduation in Zoology and Botany in 1959, B. Ed in 1960, M. Sc. in Physics and Chemistry in 1965 and M. Sc. in Zoology & Botany in 1992.
The NREC College is one of the three oldest colleges of C.C.S. University, Meerut and is running in a 80 acre campus of well laid out with aesthetically configurated landscape and planned imperial buildings of Arts, Science, Commerce, Law and Education departments commencing classes in 14 post graduate and 4 graduate subjects with research in all subjects. The college has three grand hostels, very sophisticated central library and departmental libraries of more than one & a half lakh books, well equipped labs, big lecture theaters, Moot Court, latest computer system to facilitate the learning of modern techniques, a grand and marvelous examination Hall, N. R. S. Centre, Proctor Office, D.S.W. office, Students Grievance Removing centre, Students Information Centre, Students Union Room, Teachers Association Room, Guest House, Swimming Pool, Broad Sports Ground and very expansive embowered Green Gardens. With prudence eager readiness and subsist equities, the historic establishment of the college ostensibly is looking for transparency and real equity to meet the challenges and ethics of modern education with vision, planning and good governance towards a more competitive, level field oriented environment, improved productivity and efficiency, institutional innovations, flexible tariff regimes and ensuring modified interests of students.
The well qualified, learned, experienced and highly accomplished team of teachers adore to mobilise the students to become more competitive through mind oriental ways of education and the students also are coached for achieving a full national integration and ultimately leading to universal fraternity. On the occasions, the principal and teachers of the college preach the eternal values of ancient saints, philosophers, thinkers and national heroes and efforts are made to keep the students away from the world torn with rivalry, contempt and strife. The college staff also exercise for enhancement of scientific approach and vision among students and full personality development along with NCC, NSS, Sports, literary and cultural activities. This is the age of competition, creativity and the talent with unique blend of imagination, therefore, the college regularly invites eminent academicians to interact with students. Students themselves are involved in extra curricular and co-curricular activities such as seminars, group discussions, cultural and social activities thus are strengthening their practical orientation and are developing themselves in to a successful future.

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The eminent persons like Hon’ble President of India Dr. Zakir Hussain, The Then Hon’ble Vice President of India Dr. S. Radha Krishanan, Hon’ble Mr. Morarji Desai and Mr. Chandra Shekhar the Prime Ministers of the country, American Ambassador Mr. Jeorge V. Ellen who during his lecture in convocation became very impressed and called the college N.R.E.C. University, visited the college. Among other persons Smt. Tarkeshwari Sinha, Prof. Kalka Prasad Bhatnagar, the then V. C. of Agra University, the biggest University of Asia, Dr. Bal Krishna Rao, Babu Gulab Rai, the renowned Hindi writer, Dr. Ram Narayan Saxena, Prof. Mohd. Habib, Prof. Irfan Habib the renowned historians of A. M. U., Aligarh, Dr. Deevan Chand, Principal Madan Mohan, Dr. C. B. Agarwal, Dr. Sri Ranjan, Prof Govind Trigunayat, Prof.RameshChandra, Dr. R.P.Singh, Prof. S.K. Kak and Dr. Vipin Garg the Vice-chancellor of C.C.S. University Meerut, visited the college and praised its configuration infrastructures, management , teaching and discipline.

Our Mission

Education plays a pivotal role in the modernization of society and development of a nation, therefore, it is a continuous process in the colleges where knowing of the unknown is feed into the minds of students through right approach and instilling right values. The college trains the lakhs of young learners who lead and foster creativity and prove them dynamic for the society as well as for the nation if the efficient management and assumed teaching is provided. The N. R. E. C. College is a learning centre where standard of teaching and examining the students surpass to be a centre of excellence. The college manages a successful study environment in a rapidly evolving and highly crucial, competitive and innovative atmosphere of education in the modern period of transition and the period of change when the paradigms of knowledge are shifting.

The management of college principal and teachers accept the challenge to provide education facilities to students aspiring to be exclusive through meticulous planning, systematic execution and dedicated efforts. The college also envisages the role of a disseminator of higher learning and opportunities where knowledge is dispersed to learners in right atmosphere to built their talent so as to improve their skill to be a well disciplined and self confident citizen to serve the nation honestly. The college teachers nourish the students relentlessly to follow the path of excellence and ensure the premium metamorphosed mental and physical status from ordinary to extraordinary by quality teaching, research, debate and other curricular activities like NSS., N.C.C., Games, group discussions and cultural programmes.

The further plan of the college to promote professional courses, the expansion of infrastructural facilities and construction of new buildings is underway. The college embarks upon the desired goal with philanthropic motivation by meaningful participation to built further conducive environment and high excellence in teaching and research and to create more and more dynamism by cultivating values in students..

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NAAC Accredited Grade ‘A’

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Principal’s Message

The higher education is an

instrument for social change and the college the place where dynamism is created among learners. The method of teaching must be broad based, meaningful and attractive to update higher education to bring about a qualitative improvement to render a gainful and affirmative career option in the higher learning sector.

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Message From the President, N.R.E.C. College Association Trust
The college management endeavors a role to support the centre of higher learning to cherish and disseminate knowledge to built the talents and to be a self confident students to transform the challenges into opportunities.

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Message From the Secretary, Managing Committee
The old concepts in modern world are changing for new knowledge, skill and approaches. The forth coming era of transforming environment will dictate a dynamic and high class capabibility of intellectual resources who will demonstrate exceptional personality which can be accepted by job oriented public and private sectors for a rewarding career.

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Message From President, Managing Committee
The colleges are the centres of higher learning where young generations are nourished to be a good citizen to serve the country. The college management efforts, reiterates and envisages a role to support the centre of higher learning to cherish and disseminate knowledge to built of the talent and to be a self confident men and women to transform the challenges into opportunities.

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